712 Larpenteur, St. Paul MN

Maxxon® Unglued, Unset, Isolate and Level-Crete Installation

For the 712 Larpenteur project, Floor Technologies was tasked with a comprehensive scope of work. This includes removing adhesive and mastic glue from the floor using Maxxon® Unglued, as well as cleaning thinset with Maxxon® Unset. Additionally, the team filled in any gaps and cracks using Maxxon® Quikfill. To ensure moisture protection, Maxxon® Isolate, a two-part water-based epoxy, was applied. Leveling pegs were set to establish an even surface. Finally, Floor Technologies supplied and installed Maxxon® Level-Crete at 4000 PSI, ramping to the high point in the floor from two directions.